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Henry’s Premium Lamb Starter Pellets   
Protein 18%  Oil 3.5% Fibre 8%  

A quality feed for lambs from 5 days old. It should be fed with forage and can be fed to appetite (up to 90% of dry matter intake) ensuring the feed is kept fresh in front of the lambs.

Creep feeding will increase growth rates and ensure a consistent liveweight gain when lambs are at grass.

Continue to feed Henry’s Premium Lamb Pellets until quality grazing is plentiful and weather is not an issue.

Henry’s Premium Lamb Finisher Pellets   
Protein 16% Oil 4.5%Fibre 8%

This product has been specifically formulated for finishing lambs on late summer/autumn grass and will help give lambs the extra boost they need to finish.

It should be fed with forage and can be fed up to 90% of the dry matter intake of the lamb.

Henry’s Super Ewe Nuts      
Protein 18%    Oil 5%       Fibre 8.5%

A high quality diet suitable for most production systems.

It can be used to flush ewes before tupping, for feeding ewes before and after lambing and as a maintenance feed at the following rates:

Flushing ewes for tupping                    from 0.25 to 0.5kg/hd/day.

Lambing ewes                                       from 0.25 to 1kg/hd/day.

Maintenance ration                               from  0.5kg/hd/day.

Ideally, group pregnant ewes and feed to scanning %.

Care should be taken not to overfeed young ewes or those lambing for the first time as this could produce lambing difficulties. Over fat ewes should be monitored and put on limited grazing.