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Henry’s Pig Feeds

Henry’s Sow Weaner Nuts
Protein 16%    Oil 2.5%       Fibre 5%

A highly quality diet specifically formulated to be fed to sows and their piglets to ensure good milk production which results in well grown, healthy piglets that can be weaned from 8 weeks of age.

Feed at a rate of between 5 to 8kg per sow and litter, depending on the environmental conditions and the size of piglets.

From 8 weeks old piglets should be gradually introduced to their next feed.

Pig Grower/ Finisher Nuts

Protein 19%    Oil 2.5%       Fibre 4%

A balanced ration available through Henry Cole & Co Ltd. Feeding rates will depend on growth rates as required.  

Henry’s Pig Blend

Protein 17%   Oil 2%       Fibre 5%

Since the launch seven years ago, Henry’s Blends have proved very popular with livestock farmers mainly due to the fact that they are made from home-grown natural ingredients.

The above is a blend of Wheat, Peas and Beans and is a complementary feeding stuff for breeding pigs.

Available in 500kg tote bags it is competitively priced and in addition we offer fixed price winter contracts.

No minerals are added to the feed so pig minerals may need to be fed. A fully balanced mineral is available to mix into the Blend to suit individual feeding requirements.


It is usually recommended that pigs are fed twice a day and if pigs are kept outside they will obtain some of their feed from natural sources by foraging. Pigs also enjoy vegetables such as potatoes, carrots and other vegetables and fruits. Please be aware that it is illegal to feed any household waste of any sort and any meat or catering waste to pigs.

In addition to foraging and feeding vegetables to pigs, it is essential to supplement their diet with a fully balanced compound feed, such as Henry’s Sow & Weaner Nuts. This will ensure that the animal receives all the balanced nutrients, vitamins and minerals it needs. Pigs usually like their feed wet and this can be done simply by adding water.

If you have more than one pig then it is advisable to use troughs to put the feed in or spread the feed out along the ground to ensure that the more timid pigs are not bullied and get adequate access to their feed.

Amounts to feed

The amounts to feed will depend on the type of pig, age and performance required. However the figures below should be used as guidelines only:


Pregnant sows up to 93 days   2 to 2.5kg/hd/day

Pregnant sows 94 days to 111 days 2.5 to 3kg/hd/day

Pregnant sows 111 days to farrowing 3 to 3.5kg/hd/day

During lactation    up to 8kg/hd/day


When young     0.3kg/hd/day

Other Pigs

For growing pigs the level of feed will depend on the type of finish required i.e.

Pork      from 2kg/hd/day

Cutters      from 2.25kg/hd/day

Bacon      from 2.5kg/hd/day

Total feed required

Sow      1.3 tonnes/year

Weaner (5 to 30kg)    80kg/hd

Porker    (5 to 65kg)    100kg/hd

Cutter    (4 to 75kg)    135kg/hd


Breed differences

The Henry’s Pig range is suitable for rare breeds, but care must be taken to ensure at least 15% less than the above recommended feed rate is fed to avoid obesity. Pot bellied pigs require at least 40% less than the above recommended feed rate.